[KS] Board Game Book Vol 2 (ANG)

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[KS] Board Game Book Vol 2 (ANG)

Post autor: Brasas » 04 wrz 2019, 19:11


Poniewaz ta kziazka jest wylacznie po angielsku unikam ponizej pokazac moje (nie)umietnosci po polsku...

Are there others interested in the ongoing KS for this? Campaign lasts until end of Sept, delivery May 2020.
https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ow ... escription

I see two group options:
1 - requires a retail address (I don't have), 5 copies per pledge, price per copy is 12 pounds incl. delivery
2 - requires contacting the creator to set a group pledge for particular country, 3 or 5 copies per pledge, price per copy is 20 pounds + shipping TBD

Feel free to reply in polish - I read and understand well enough (I think).